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Packers get first win in the Premier.

Tuesday 30th April. Mark the date.  Will you remember where you were at about 9pm on that date?  I will!  While my beloved Packers were knocking over the 2012 Premier champions Oddsox Green for our first ever win in the Premier league, in this our first season in the top division, I was attending a school choir concert.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'll travel anywhere to support my children, but why couldn't the concert have been on Monday, or Tuesday .......

The Packers were coming off an opening week loss where the 33-13 scoreline belied the impressive comeback from 19-2 down afer 2 innings.  Our week 1 performance and intel from our sister team Batpak, who had beaten Oddsox in week 1, gave us some reason for hope as we travelled to Oddsox' home grond in Tymon Park.  As if to emphasise the opportunity that was there, Packers lead 3-1 after the 1st.  Oddsox came back and lead 5-3 after the 2nd and that set the tone for a tight, see-saw game.  Despite having surrendered our early lead Packers pulled it back to go into the bottom of the last up by 2.  Dramatic to the end, Sox failled to make anything of a bases loaded situation and the Packers took the game 11-9.


Now they'll have to do it all over again for me in week 3.

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