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Fine Motor Skills for LP children

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Fine Motor Skills

Children with Achondroplasia often use unusual methods to hold writing implements.
Because of the child's short fingers, the excessive separation between the middle and ring fingers and hypermobility of the finger joints, often crayons or pencils will be used with a two finger or four finger grip rather than the more traditional pencil grip.

Fine Motor Skills Image 1Fine Motor Skills Image 2 Fine Motor Skills Image 3

These grips while 'abnormal' are in fact adaptive and should not be discouraged. Many adults with Achondroplasia use a two-finger method without sacrificing quality or efficiency of handwriting.

Scissors also may be problematic. In addition to the hand characteristics described, children with Achondroplasia often have excessive elbow pronation (palm down) and either limitation or reluctance to use elbow supination (palm up). Such supination is necessary for traditional scissor use.

Fine Motor Skills Image 4

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